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Dentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

Dentist Encino Premier Dental Cleanings Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy

Craig Glick DDS makes it easy to get the biannual dental cleanings that your teeth and gums need to stay healthy and pain-free. We never overbook, so you can rest assured that one of our talented dental hygienists will be ready to start your cleaning within minutes of your arrival in our Encino office. We pride ourselves on providing thorough, gentle dental cleanings that will remove plaque and tartar deposits to leave your teeth feeling clean and fresh. Every dental cleaning at Craig Glick DDS also includes a consultation with Dr. Glick, who will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw to check for cavities, oral cancer, gum disease, and bite problems. We will schedule future appointments to provide treatment for any oral health issues that may be discovered during your dental cleaning.

Dentist Encino Cleaning & ExamDentist Encino Cleaning & Exam
Dentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

Awesome Dental Cleaning Every Time

“I would say all of the hygienists are fantastic! Every one of them has the same philosophy as Dr. Glick: make you comfortable, be professional and do a good job.”

Tom B.
Encino, CA
Dentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

Dentist Encino Cleaning & ExamDentist Encino Cleaning & Exam
Dentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

Our Hygienists Provide a Deep Clean with a Gentle Touch

At Dr. Craig A Glick, DDS Dentist Encino , we know that not everyone feels as comfortable in the dentist’s office as we do. That’s why we make an effort to ensure that patients feel safe and secure during every treatment we provide. Our dental cleanings are no exception. Our friendly hygienists will make you feel right at home as you settle in to the dentist’s chair for your cleaning. They’ll proceed to clean your teeth quite thoroughly, showing no mercy for plaque and tartar deposits, but displaying great care when it comes to your comfort. Call us at (818) 305-6410 to schedule your next dental cleaning in Encino and get ready to experience our gentle touch for yourself.

Dentist Encino Cleaning & ExamDentist Encino Cleaning & Exam
Dentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

Need More than a Cleaning?

Because every dental cleaning comes with an exam from Dr. Glick, your next dental cleaning at Craig Glick DDS is an excellent opportunity to learn about the various cosmetic and restorative dental treatments that we can use to give you a healthier and more attractive smile. For example, if we find evidence of tooth decay during your dental cleaning, we can schedule a follow up appointment for composite fillings, a crown, or even a root canal, depending on the severity of the decay. Dr. Glick will also be happy to discuss cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or veneers during your dental cleaning in Encino.

Dentist Encino Cleaning & ExamDentist Encino Cleaning & Exam
Dentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

Dental Care for the Whole Family

Kids, teens, adults, and seniors have different needs when it comes to dental care. At Craig Glick DDS we are proud to offer superior care for your whole family. We’ll provide the same thorough dental cleanings for everyone, but we’ll also make sure that each age group gets the specialized advice that they need. For example, we’ll make sure that kids get the education they need to develop good brushing and flossing technique. We’ll help teens and adults explore cosmetic options like veneers and whitening, and we’ll make sure seniors understand all their options for dealing with missing teeth, including bridges, implants and dentures. Please contact us to set up your family’s next appointment.

Dentist Encino Cleaning & ExamDentist Encino Cleaning & Exam
Dentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

Expert Oral Care Tips from Your Encino Dentist

Craig Glick DDS is an excellent place to go when you need advice about improving your oral health. Our office is focused on preventative care, and we’ll be happy to give you expert tips on how to keep your teeth clean and white, prevent tooth decay, conquer gum disease and eliminate bad breath. For example, Dr. Glick might advise you to use a special antibacterial mouthwash to control gum disease or a whitening toothpaste to fight stains. By getting regular dental cleanings in our office and following Dr. Glick’s advice regarding oral care at home, you can also improve your overall health. As research has shown, there is a strong link between periodontitis (severe gum disease) and problems like diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

Dentist Encino Cleaning & ExamDentist Encino Cleaning & Exam
Dentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

A Clean, Beautiful Smile is Only a Click Away!

Ready for your next dental cleaning? Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Dentist Encino Cleaning & ExamDentist Encino Cleaning & Exam

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Kernel D.

Dr. Glick is the best. He's been my dentist for about ten years and is highly skilled and proactive in his approach. I only recently got dental insurance, but even before, his prices were always reasonable for cleanings and the one time an old sealant needed replacing. They only do x-rays when appropriate and have never billed me for anything that was unnecessary. His office staff is friendly and the hygienists are extremely competent. Trust is such a key when finding care, and I'm lucky to have found such a good dentist. Needless to say, I would highly recommend.

A Google User

Dr. Glick and his staff will take excellent care of you! They are thoughtful and careful and are always accommodating and flexible with time scheduling. I don't fear going to the dentist anymore!

Malia P.

...We got there and filled out paperwork, etc, and then my boyfriend was taken in. He said that he really liked Craig and that he was very helpful and nice. My boyfriend gets very anxious about these kinds of situations, so for him to say that he was okay and not freaking out is a good sign. It turns out he had an infection and needed his tooth pulled, so they did that right after. The whole thing was really quick and they got the job done fast. Our appointment was at 8:30am and I think we left at something like 9:30am...

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