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Dentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Encino Will Make You Love Your Smile

If you don’t love your smile, you need to visit a skilled cosmetic dentist in Encino. Dr. Glick is an excellent choice for your cosmetic dentist, because he has the skills and experience needed to transform your smile using a variety of relatively simple and affordable cosmetic dental treatments. Whether your problem is stained, chipped, uneven, or gapped teeth, Craig Glick DDS can help conceal or correct the problem. For example, we provide in-office teeth whitening to remove stains, veneers to cover gaps and minor misalignments, composites to fill in chips, and crowns to repair broken teeth. Call us today at (818) 305-6410 to learn more about how these cosmetic treatments can help you fall in love with a brand new smile.

Dentist Encino Cosmetic DentistDentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist
Dentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

I Trust Dr. Glick For All My Cosmetic Work

“In the past couple years I’ve had five crowns replaced by Dr. Glick. I like that he is very proactive in recommending things I may need, but he doesn’t push or insist that I have to get the work done right away when it is for a cosmetic reason. His technique is such that it makes me want to come back because there’s very little pain involved in getting the crowns and the result is a more beautiful smile that I can be proud of.”

Pamela S.
Encino, CA
Dentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

Dentist Encino Cosmetic DentistDentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist
Dentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

Get Ready to Dazzle with Professional Teeth Whitening in Encino

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference that a professional teeth whitening treatment will make in the color and brightness of your smile. Most patients can expect to see their teeth lighten several shades after just one treatment. The process is quick, easy and gentle on teeth and gums. As your cosmetic dentist in Encino, Dr. Glick will be happy to help you schedule recurring treatments to safely and effectively combat the effects of staining agents like coffee, tea, cigarettes, dark sodas, and red wine. He can also recommend whitening products you can use at home to help extend the effects of the treatment. Use our online contact form to schedule an appointment for whitening and get ready to dazzle friends, family, and coworkers with your newly whitened teeth.

Dentist Encino Cosmetic DentistDentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist
Dentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

Beautiful, Versatile Veneers from Craig Glick DDS

Veneers can provide an excellent solution to many cosmetic dental problems. For example, veneers can be used to cover chipped, worn, uneven, or oddly sized teeth and create a straight, even profile for your smile. They can also conceal stains and close up gaps between teeth. The beauty of veneers is that they look totally natural, especially when placed by a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Glick. Your veneers will be shaped and colored to match the surrounding natural teeth as closely as possible. And because porcelain reflects light in much the same way that tooth enamel does, no one will even need to know that you have gotten veneers. Call us at (818) 305-6410 to schedule an appointment and learn more about how veneers can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Dentist Encino Cosmetic DentistDentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist
Dentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Glick Mends Chips and Cracks Almost Invisibly

If you have chipped, cracked, or broken a tooth, you obviously need the tooth repaired in order to recover your ability to chew and speak normally. While any dentist can perform the necessary repair using a composite, it takes an expert like Dr. Glick to skillfully craft that composite into a work of art that looks just like your natural tooth—only better! Because Dr. Glick is equally skilled in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, he can apply the layers of composite to your damaged tooth with functionality and aesthetics in mind. When he’s done, you’ll hardly be able to tell that the tooth was ever damaged in the first place because the composite will look so natural.

Dentist Encino Cosmetic DentistDentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist
Dentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

A Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Self Esteem

Like it or not, your personal appearance plays a big role how others see you, as well as in how you perceive yourself. A stained, yellowed, chipped, or crooked smile may be giving people the wrong impression about your abilities and achievements. Let a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Glick make your outward appearance match your inner beauty! With help from Dr. Glick, you can enjoy straighter, whiter teeth and gain a smile you’ll love to share. No more feeling embarrassed about the condition of your teeth or hesitant to share your smile! Contact us today to learn more about how a brand new smile can make you look and feel better.

Dentist Encino Cosmetic DentistDentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist
Dentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

A Beautiful New Smile is Only a Click Away!

Looking for an awesome cosmetic dentist to improve your smile? Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Dentist Encino Cosmetic DentistDentist Encino Cosmetic Dentist

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Kernel D.

Dr. Glick is the best. He's been my dentist for about ten years and is highly skilled and proactive in his approach. I only recently got dental insurance, but even before, his prices were always reasonable for cleanings and the one time an old sealant needed replacing. They only do x-rays when appropriate and have never billed me for anything that was unnecessary. His office staff is friendly and the hygienists are extremely competent. Trust is such a key when finding care, and I'm lucky to have found such a good dentist. Needless to say, I would highly recommend.

A Google User

Dr. Glick and his staff will take excellent care of you! They are thoughtful and careful and are always accommodating and flexible with time scheduling. I don't fear going to the dentist anymore!

Malia P.

...We got there and filled out paperwork, etc, and then my boyfriend was taken in. He said that he really liked Craig and that he was very helpful and nice. My boyfriend gets very anxious about these kinds of situations, so for him to say that he was okay and not freaking out is a good sign. It turns out he had an infection and needed his tooth pulled, so they did that right after. The whole thing was really quick and they got the job done fast. Our appointment was at 8:30am and I think we left at something like 9:30am...

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