Is Concrete the Best Material?

Before, selecting a construction material was an easy choice because the choices were few. However, there are a lot of construction materials available nowadays. This includes synthetic products to natural alternatives. 


Of course, to know which material is best for you, you need to know the pros and cons of each one of them. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Whether you are planning to build a wooden patio or concrete driveway Las Vegas, here are a couple of things you need to know about the different materials: 

Pros of Concrete 

Concrete might look ugly when compared to the aesthetic quality of bricks and wood. However, there are a couple of other reasons why concrete can outperform these materials.  

Concrete typically lasts for a lot of years without spending a lot of money on maintenance. Thus, it is an affordable option. Aside from that, since it conserves resources, concrete’s durability encourages sustainability. It lowers the need to create new material for reconstruction. Concrete is also considered one of the safest construction materials since it prevents pollutants, it isn’t susceptible to pests and termites, it is resistant to mildew and rot, and it does not burn. 

Cons of Concrete 

Just like any material, concrete also has a couple of cons. It is less malleable. Concrete is also heavy. Aside from that, it might contain salts. This results in an unappealing look because of efflorescence. However, there are solutions to these issues if you hire a professional concrete contractor.  

Pros of Brick 

Brick is the first man-made construction material. It was utilized centuries ago around the world. Brick is resistant to fire, unlike wood. Also, it’s less susceptible to damaged caused by natural disasters. Brick homes can last for a couple of years with the right care. Aside from that, they’re also easy to install. 

Cons of Brick 

Brick costs more when compared to wood. While brick can have natural ingredients, it is considered as non-natural in general. This means that it should be manufactured. Brick is hard to tear down or move if modifications are used.  

Aside from that, brick contracts and expands during cold temperatures. Mold issues can be a serious problem since bricks have pores.  

Pros of Wood 

For thousands of years, wood is utilized as a reliable construction material. It is beautiful and abundant. Aside from being cheap, wood is also easy to use. You will not require heavy machinery or expensive tools to mold the wood into shape. Also, the process will be easier if you want to remodel your home at some point.  

Cons of Wood 

When people choose concrete or brick over wood, the main reason for this is that wood is vulnerable to pests, decay, rot, mold, water damage, and termites. Aside from that, wood has a tendency to contract and expand during severe weather. This results in unappealing warped surfaces. Wood is also vulnerable to storms and fires. Furthermore, you need continuous maintenance for wood to last for a lot of years. This means that you have to seal and paint it regularly.  

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