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Dentist Encino Kids Dentist

We Make Children’s Dental Appointments A Breeze

At Dr. Craig A Glick, DDS, we welcome children age three and up to come receive professional dental cleanings and restorative care at our office. Because we know that your child’s first few visits to the dentist are extremely important in forming their future attitude towards dentistry, we do our best to make a good impression. Our family-style office is far from intimidating and Dr. Glick knows just how to put even the most fearful kids at ease. We explain everything we’ll do during the visit in terms kids can understand and we always make sure our young patients are calm and comfortable before proceeding. Just call us at (818) 305-6410 to schedule an appointment. Make us your children’s dentist in Encino and set your child on the path towards lifelong oral health.

Dentist Encino Kids DentistDentist Encino Kids Dentist
Dentist Encino Kids Dentist

I Trust Dr. Glick with my Kids’ Teeth

“At the other dentist (pediatric practice), they had put a crown on my daughter’s tooth. And when she was eating a lollipop it came out with the lollipop so I was able to save that and call Dr. Glick’s office right away. They got us in as soon as possible. Dr. Glick is great and I trust him with myself and my children. The hygienists are very gentle, very personable. The cleanings never hurt.”

Stacy B.
Encino, CA
Dentist Encino Kids Dentist

Dentist Encino Kids DentistDentist Encino Kids Dentist
Dentist Encino Kids Dentist

Our Children’s Dental Services Provide the Building Blocks of Good Oral Health

When it comes to teaching your kids the habits that will keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy for a lifetime, the key is to start young. We invite you to begin bringing your kids to our office in Encino as soon as they turn three. At that time we can begin providing quality dental services tailored especially to the needs of kids. For example, we can provide extra-gentle dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth as well as fun oral hygiene demonstrations to help them learn proper brushing and flossing technique. If your child does develop cavities, we can seal them with white composite fillings. Please contact us to set up recurring appointments for your child.

Dentist Encino Kids DentistDentist Encino Kids Dentist
Dentist Encino Kids Dentist

Protect Your Child’s Teeth with Sealants

All parents should be concerned about how to help keep their kids from developing cavities. In addition to ensuring kids brush and floss after meals and visit a children’s dentist in Encino twice per year, parents may also want to consider getting sealants for their children’s molars. Sealants protect against cavities by sealing up the pits and grooves in teeth that would ordinarily trap food particles and foster tooth decay. This preventative treatment can last for years if cared for properly. If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of sealants in detail, please call us at (818) 305-6410 to set up a consultation with Dr. Glick.

Dentist Encino Kids DentistDentist Encino Kids Dentist
Dentist Encino Kids Dentist

Why Your Kids Need Expert Children’s Dental Care

Every parent wants the best for their kids. When you bring your child to Craig Glick DDS, you can rest assured that your child is getting quality preventative care and expert diagnoses and treatment for cavities or other dental problems. With help from a skilled children’s dentist in Encino, you can help keep your child from being included in the following statistics:
• Tooth decay (dental caries) is the most common chronic disease in children.
• Tooth decay is 5 times as common as asthma and 7 times as common a hay fever in children.
• Pain related to dental problems keeps the average elementary school child home from school 6 days per year.
• Children who report having tooth pain are 4 times as likely to have bad grades.

Dentist Encino Kids DentistDentist Encino Kids Dentist
Dentist Encino Kids Dentist

Kids’ Oral Health Tips from Your Encino Dentist

As a parent or guardian, you play a very important role in helping keep your kids’ teeth clean and healthy. You should teach children how to brush their teeth as soon as they can handle a toothbrush and always monitor brushing sessions to ensure that they are using proper technique, brushing long enough and not swallowing any toothpaste. You should also make a point of addressing dietary habits that can speed up tooth decay, such as frequent snacking or an abundance of sugary foods or drinks. Try to reduce the frequency and quantity of sugary foods and your kids should develop fewer cavities. Finally, be sure to schedule regular visits to a skilled family or children’s dentist in Encino for cleanings and exams. If you’d like to make Craig Glick DDS your children’s dentist, please call us at (818) 305-6410 or contact us online.

Dentist Encino Kids DentistDentist Encino Kids Dentist
Dentist Encino Kids Dentist

Expert Dental Care for Kids is Only a Click Away!

Please contact us to learn more about dental care for kids. We’re happy to schedule an appointment for you or simply provide more information.

Dentist Encino Kids DentistDentist Encino Kids Dentist

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Kernel D.

Dr. Glick is the best. He's been my dentist for about ten years and is highly skilled and proactive in his approach. I only recently got dental insurance, but even before, his prices were always reasonable for cleanings and the one time an old sealant needed replacing. They only do x-rays when appropriate and have never billed me for anything that was unnecessary. His office staff is friendly and the hygienists are extremely competent. Trust is such a key when finding care, and I'm lucky to have found such a good dentist. Needless to say, I would highly recommend.

A Google User

Dr. Glick and his staff will take excellent care of you! They are thoughtful and careful and are always accommodating and flexible with time scheduling. I don't fear going to the dentist anymore!

Malia P.

...We got there and filled out paperwork, etc, and then my boyfriend was taken in. He said that he really liked Craig and that he was very helpful and nice. My boyfriend gets very anxious about these kinds of situations, so for him to say that he was okay and not freaking out is a good sign. It turns out he had an infection and needed his tooth pulled, so they did that right after. The whole thing was really quick and they got the job done fast. Our appointment was at 8:30am and I think we left at something like 9:30am...

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